Nature Aria - Aria NZ Ltd

About Us

Welcome to Aria NZ Ltd., it is a business established in Auckland to provide better products and service to New Zealand markets. We are supplying a great range of high quality doll beds and prams. These products are mainly handmade from rattan and other sustainable fast-growing materials. Life is a part of the nature, and we're making life more natural.

Through this website, you will find our products available for immediate dispatch, our products ready for orders, our latest specials and our new products announcements, if any.  

Actually, with rich personal experience, we know from where and how the high quality and low price come, but, with the understanding of our customers’ requirements for quality products at most competitive prices, we never stop improving our products and services and developing new products. It’s our mission to offer well-received, distinctive, high quality and competitive price products to achieve customer satisfaction. 

All items are for sales on both RETAIL and WHOLESALE basis, prices here are for retail basis,  prices on wholesale basis available upon request. 

We also export NZ wines to overseas market.

Should any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.